St Patty Day Self-Portrait

To excited to get ready, with so much to do.  The weather is beautiful and perfect for the gallery opening and party I’ll be attending this evening.  Spring is here.  The shackles of winter blues release us all into sweet, sweet freedom. Advertisements

Up before dawn I waited patiently in my room, writing.  When the door slammed shut I jumped up, coffee, checked facebook (yeah I admit it- I love all you people that much:)  Then without any light but that of my computer I drew this.

Second Drawing

This is the Second Drawing I made in this sketchbook.  I purchased it at the beginning of August and drew this August 9th 2010.  I hadn’t drawn in awhile for whatever reason.  Maybe that’s why I look to be concentrating so intently 🙂 I wish I had that pen still.

Self Portrait Drawing

Drawn today, January 21st 2011 at about 1:45 pm.  I’ve been a little slow on posting but am still drawing. This self portrait was from December 10 2010                               Subway drawing from January 10 2011.  I was on my way back…